submitting patch series

Is it OK to send patch series to llvm-commits for review as a series
of emails in the "git format-patch" / Linux kernel [PATCH nn/mm]

Or is some other format preferred?


That page says the patch will be in the body of the email, and to
avoid attachments.
The preferred way on these lists seems to be he other way around:
attachments instead of patch-in-body (presumably to prevent email
clients from mangling the patch).

Other than that, I don't foresee any objections.

Hi Jay

This seems to contradict with the stuff from

When sending a patch to a mailing list, it is a good idea to send it
as an attachment to the message, not embedded into the text of the
message. This ensures that your mailer will not mangle the patch when
it sends it (e.g. by making whitespace changes or by wrapping lines).

If you will manage to satisfy this requirement, then stuff will be fine.