Subscribing to github issues that I was CC:ed on in bugzilla?

When I search in github issues using

"is:open mentions:@me" then I get zero hits
"is:open involves:@me" then I get lots of hits

So it seems like all the issues I've subscribed to in Bugzilla isn't considered as mentioning me (even though my user is listed in the imported CC field). But it seems like I can find them using the "involves" search option.

Afaict github automatically sets up email notification for issues were I am mentioned, but not for issues that only involves me.

The downside of the above is that basically all my old subsciptions from bugzilla seem to be gone now.

It would be nice if I could just mark all issues from the "involves" query and subscribe to those. But I haven't been able to figure out how to do that. Has anyone figured out how to do a bulk subscribe to all issues from a search query (or all issues matching "involves:@me" in some other way)?

In Bugzilla I also used the option to be carbon copied on notifications that were sent to certain people (basically my team mates) to be able to cover up for them during vacation periods etc. I doubt such functionality exists for github issues. But if someone got some tip on how to deal with such things in github that would be nice.