Subversion Repositories

Since there was some interest in checking out Subversion and
seeing if it might be helpful to the LLVM project, I went ahead
and created Subversion repositories from the current CVS tree.

The content of these repositories can be seen at: is registered with Pair Domains

and are current as of roughly 23:03 UTC, 15 Mar 2005 (more or
less). There are copies of LLVM itself, the CFE, the llvm-test
project and a couple of others.

To read up on Subversion (and, of course, we _all_ read the
manuals beforehand, don't we? :), you can use the online manual
at SVN (aka Subversion) clients
can be found in a bunch of places -- I'd recommend at least
version 1.1.3, but only because it's the version I use and I
know it works with the server we've set up.

Note that these repositories do NOT use the http protocol,
but use instead the svn server. If you're behind a firewall,
you may need to use socks or something like that to get to
port 3690, the port used by the svn server.

To checkout a copy of the last LLVM commit in the repository,
do this:

   $ svn checkout svn:// yourDirName

We try to keep the machine reasonably secure. The above will allow
you to changes things, or revert them, but I don't think it will allow
you to commit any changes back into the repository (well, it's not
_supposed_ to, at any rate).

If you want write access, you'll do the checkout slightly differently:

   $ svn checkout svn:// yourDirName

and you'll have to have a password for the commit (assuming I've done
my sysadmin properly -- I'm still learning the SVN approach to things).
Send me a separate note off-line and I'll send you the password.

If you have trouble, let me know. I'm not an expert on SVN, but I do
use it for almost all my projects these days.

Go nuts. Have fun. See what you think...