Success : clang/LLVM-built host kernel and clang-built VMware kernel modules for VMware Player 14.1.1 on host Ubuntu 17.10 x86_64

Hello All,

As part of my clang/LLVM experiments and explorations with different clang-built kernel versions, I have tried to bring up other Linux/Ubuntu applications with their kernel modules also being clang-built. One such case has been with VMware Player 14.1.1. I am sharing this report for interested people that highlights my research and success in overcoming and solving the challenges in installing and running VMware Player 14.1.1(x86_64) on Ubuntu 17.10 x86_64 with clang-built VMware kernel modules(vmmon and vmnet) on clang-built host kernel 4.16(latest stable as of now).

For my earlier report on successful bringup of clang-built kernel for Ubuntu 17.10 x86_64 along with clang-built Nvidia driver(v390.25, v390.42, etc), you can read that here : Success : Ubuntu 17.10 x86_64 on LLVM/clang-built kernel with Nvidia 390.25 driver