successful full recurse of mips32

We have NFS mounted drives.

I first build an clang/llvm hosted compiler for Mips linux using the clang/llvm linux x86 compiler.
Call this clang1.

then in directory recurse on Mips host, I place this clang1 compiler and build clang2.

then i rename recurse to recurse1 and create a new recurse directory.

in recurse I copy clang2 from recurse1 to a recurse but name it clang1.

then i build recurse2 again in directory recurse on the mips host (this time it was built with the second generation clang/llvm).

then use find to diff all the .o files

rkotler@mipsswbrd002:~/slave/recurse2be/build$ find . -name "*.o" -exec cmp '{}' /home/rkotler/slave1/recurse2be/build/'{}' \; |& tee foo.txt
./lib/Support/Release+Asserts/CommandLine.o /home/rkotler/slave1/recurse2be/build/./lib/Support/Release+Asserts/CommandLine.o differ: char 59791, line 147

This one difference is a time stamp.

kotler@mipsswbrd002:~/slave/recurse2be/build$ diff 1 2
< ./lib/Support/Release+Asserts/CommandLine.o: file format elf32-tradbigmips

then i build [clang2] again in directory recurse on the mips host (this


if you don't enable time stamps, then the difference will go away

in CommandLine.cpp

        << " Built " << __DATE__ << " (" << __TIME__ << ").\n"