Suggestion: Pinned topic in Beginners section with links to docs, the langref, etc?

Some beginners may stumble upon this place before other resources.

Adding links to documentation on the basics might be helpful in the Beginners section. Either in a new, pinned post, or in the description itself.

For LLVM, I’d recommend including

Other relevant links for other projects (Clang, MLIR, etc.) would be handy too. :slight_smile:


I think this is a great idea!
Another link I often send people is the Getting Started Guide.

Perhaps others could post suggestions here and we can collect them and put them in a single post to pin at the top of the category.

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I am totally open to trying new things as I think that is the only way we find out what works and what doesn’t. I like this idea. The only downside is that its more things to change if we modify links to docs, organization, etc, but that isn’t the biggest deal.

Does it make sense to be in the description or a separate pinned topic? I believe we can pin multiple topics.

A separate pinned topic would probably be cleanest? Something like “Beginner Resources” or “Getting Started”.

Maybe making it a wiki post would reduce the burden of keeping it up to date?


I decided to give it a shot, starting with some LLVM resources. I made it a wiki, so folks should be able to add docs for other projects as well, or mess around with the format. :slight_smile:

Awesome. Thank you!