Summer 2014 Internship Opportunities at Sony PlayStation

Sony Computer Entertainment America is looking for an intern to work on LLVM and/or Clang. Please see the official listing for more details:

Additionally, we're looking for folks for an interest in lower-level parts of our platforms:

If anyone wants to know more about this internship experience, feel free to PM me. I worked this Summer internship under Alex twice (2012, 2013) and suffice it to say that I ended up taking a full-time position there starting this Summer after I graduate :slight_smile:

In particular, I can talk from recent first-hand experience about things like intern housing (how close to work? how close to a grocery store?), intern events (lunch with the CEO?), intern life (will it be a big deal of I don’t have a car?), or whatever.

Looking forward to talking with you! And hopefully working this Summer with you too!

– Sean Silva