Summer Intern Position

GPU Compiler Intern, OpenCL Compiler Team

AMD is looking for an summer intern to work with our core team developing OpenCL, an open standard for heterogonous general purpose programming, compilers for multi-core CPU and many-core graphics systems.

The intern will be tasked with helping develop optimization and/or code generation passes for AMD GPU’s. Knowledge of LLVM or contribution to LLVM a plus. Knowledge of OpenCL API or other GPGPU programming models is a plus but not needed. The individual will be a member of a team where communication and team skills are highly valued.


Basic knowledge of compiler implementation and design. Strong C and C++ programming skills is a must, along with an understanding of software engineering practices.

Exposure to algorithms used for optimizations and code generation for CPU or graphics hardware is a strong plus but not a must, as the primary sought quality is a strong interest and ability in developing high quality software on top of lower level functionality.

Experience with software development tools such as source level debugging and code profiler is required.

If interested, please send resume to micah dot villmow at amd dot com.