Support for C++0x std::thread, std::mutex and std::condition_variable


Do Clang 2.1 / llvm 3.0 and clib++ on Mac OS X support the C++0x std::thread, std::mutex and std::condition_variable?


Generally, questions about Apple's compiler offerings should go to Apple's developer forums.

That said. libc++ does support C++0x's std::thread, std::mutex, and std::condition_variable. It is available with the Apple LLVM Compiler 3.0, but not 2.1.

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For C++ questions the Xcode-users list is probably best:

For Objective-C and Objective-C++ there is the Cocoa-dev list:

Apple also operates some web-based discussion boards that require a
free login to the Apple Developer Connection.

When Apple seeds prerelease developer tools, iOS firmware or operating
systems to developers, they are generally under a Non-Disclosure
Agreement, so that one is not permitted to discuss them on public
mailing lists until their public release. But one can discuss them on
the web-based fora, as the requirement for a login keeps the search
engines from spidering them.

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