Support for Python3 clang bindings


I was wondering if someone else feels that Python3 should become eventually the standard for the clang python bindings, or perhaps offering support for the two of them (Python and Python3).

I am the main author of the clang-based project Flowgen, “Flowchart-Based Documentation for C++ Codes.”.

This project is running on old Python3 clang bindings.

Today I had to apply my first fix in the file to make Flowgen work with recent Mac Os. Someone else pointed out this fix by looking the analogue file at the official repository

Best regards,

Juan Lopez-Villarejo

agreed. I'm a long time suffering that can't use that bindings cuz Python3
is the only allowed way for me... Sometime ago I've asked about the same,
but w/o any certain response…

It's fairly common these days for Python library to be dual 2&3 compatible.
I don't think there will be objections to someone sending a patch that will
make cindex work with Python 3 too (in parallel with Python 2).


Perhaps this is a good basis, for anyone with the knowledge.