Support of parallel STL and <execution> on clang


Clang 12 did not contain the header, for parallel operation.

GCC >=9 contain an executon header, which rely on Intel oneTBB library

Parallel STL and is on C++17 standard:

On the gcc mailing list, Intel developer Alexey Kukanov say it proposed to LLVM also

I have two questions:

  • Do you consider support parallel STL on future clang (with Intel OneTBB, like GCC, or without, like Visual Studio 2019)
  • What about import manually intel onetbb library and use it with libc++ std::sort or std::for_each (by example)


Gilles Vollant

might be more a question for cfe-dev (but leaving llvm-dev here because the implementation likely crosses the boundary into runtime libraries, etc)

You are right
I found the original message at