Supporting symbolic links in Path library routines

include/llvm/Support/FileSystem.h has file_type which enumerates the file system’s view of the file type. One of the values is “symlink_file”.

But because the Unix implementation of status() calls stat() instead of lstat(), if the path refers to a symbolic link, the link is followed. There’s no way to get information about the symbolic link itself.

I think changing status() to call lstat() is a bad idea, so it seems like the only other option is to create a new routine when you explicitly want to check if what the path refers to is a symbolic link.

Or this is such an uncommon case, that it’s the caller’s responsibility to detect if a file path refers to a symbolic link in whatever platform appropriate mechanism they have available to them. If that’s the case, then I suggest removing symlink_file from file_type.

Any comments?

Cameron Esfahani

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The API was designed as a mirror of the Boost Filesystem API. I'm not
surprised to see an unused enum member there. I don't believe any LLVM
tools care about symlinks, so I'm fine with removing it as long as no
platform will return that value.

- Michael Spencer

I’ll search through the code and proffer a patch if no one uses it.

Cameron Esfahani

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Ann Powers

Looks like there is effectively dead code in clang that compares with
file_type::symlink_file. We can very likely nuke it too.

Thanks for finding this dead code.