Suspicious code for X86 target


I found some suspicious code in
X86TargetLowering::getRegClassForInlineAsmConstraint, but I don't know if
it's a bug or my poor understanding of what the code does.

This is the code in question:

if (VT == MVT::i32)
   return make_vector<unsigned>(X86::EAX, X86::EDX, X86::ECX, X86::EBX, 0);
else if (VT == MVT::i16)
   return make_vector<unsigned>(X86::AX, X86::DX, X86::CX, X86::BX, 0);
else if (VT == MVT::i8)
   return make_vector<unsigned>(X86::AL, X86::DL, X86::CL, X86::DL, 0);

In the last vector, I would expect the last DL to be BL instead.


Yes, it's a typo. I'll fix. Thanks!