suspicious typo in MCObjectDisassembler.cpp

my compiler gave me a warning in MCObjectDisassembler.cpp. it found a
self-comparation in loop condition. I think it's a typo.

the suspicious code was introduced by this patch:

I believe you are correct. Fixed thusly:

dzur:~/sources/llvm> git svn dcommit
Committing to ...
M lib/MC/MCAnalysis/MCObjectDisassembler.cpp
Committed r214416


Any chance of adding some missing test coverage here? That code was
dead (& evidently untested) before...

I’m probably going to just remove it all. Message about that pending.

Message sent, ack'd, and file removed.


Hrm. It's apparently still used in llvm-objdump (and for some reason I
missed it in the build). So it's just untested :\