SVML functions with Clang

#include <immintrin.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdint.h>

int main() {
__m256i a = _mm256_set_epi16((short)0x1f1e,(short)0x1d1c,(short)0x1b1a,(short)0x1918,(short)0x1716,(short)0x1514,(short)0x1312,(short)0x1110,(short)0x0f0e,(short)0x0d0c,(short)0x0b0a,(short)0x0908,(short)0x0706,(short)0x0504,(short)0x0302,(short)0x0100);
__m256i b = _mm256_set_epi16((short)0x3f3e,(short)0x3d3c,(short)0x3b3a,(short)0x3938,(short)0x3736,(short)0x3534,(short)0x3332,(short)0x3130,(short)0x2f2e,(short)0x2d2c,(short)0x2b2a,(short)0x2928,(short)0x2726,(short)0x2524,(short)0x2322,(short)0x2120);
  __m256i ret = _mm256_div_epi16(a, b);
  return 0;

Trying to compile the above code, but kept getting this error:

error: initializing '__m256i' (vector of 4 'long long' values) with an expression of incompatible type 'int'
  __m256i ret = _mm256_div_epi16(a, b);

On further inspection, the _mm256_div_epi16 intrinsic is from the SVML library which only ships with the Intel Compiler and does not really work with Clang. The above code does compile with ICC.
Is anyone aware of a way one can use Intel’s SVML functions with Clang? I am aware of efforts like SLEEF but it is not suitable for our use case.

Interested in SVML in clang as well. Currently numba needs to carry patches to use them with clang, which makes things quite cumbersome to handle, and delays use of newer LLVM versions substantially (they’re on LLVM 11 still; finally about to upgrade to 14).