SVN Error: Unable to commit


When I try to commit, I get this suddenly:

Item is out of date: File or directory
'include/llvm/ExecutionEngine/Orc/LazyEmittingLayer.h' is out of date;
try updating: resource out of date; try updating
W: 48c79a8e8e2a6d3e9879da067c29b55b7a044da4 and
refs/remotes/origin/master differ, using rebase:
:040000 040000 0bd5cb29c7153b3cf4db9994081662cf8a81eb5d
ec99feed360c911eee61683b87b1a0f0417ee80d M lib
:040000 040000 66475034ee033f1be22b298a7cd1c0e4602daa90
7593821cecd533702cd1398a80eacecdd353eefe M test
Current branch master is up to date.
ERROR: Not all changes have been committed into SVN, however the committed
ones (if any) seem to be successfully integrated into the working tree.
Please see the above messages for details.

Anyone knows what might be up?


Never mind; just had to wait for an hour for the problem to disappear
on its own. I suspect the git mirror was out-of-sync with the SVN