svn errors

Is there a problem with the svn server. When I try a:

svn co llvm-gcc-4.0.try2/gcc

I keep getting errors similar to those below, but at a different file each time.

svn: In directory 'llvm-gcc-4.0.try2/gcc/testsuite/ada/acats/tests/l'
svn: Error processing command 'modify-wcprop' in 'llvm-gcc-4.0.try2/gcc/testsuite/ada/acats/tests/l'
svn: Can't set file 'llvm-gcc-4.0.try2/gcc/testsuite/ada/acats/tests/l/.svn/wcprops/la140133.a.svn-work' read-only: No such file or directory

Is there a way to make svn pick up where it left off. "svn update" does not seem to do the trick.