svn pre-commit hook: help needed

1. buildbot doing reformats is worse than not taking care of formatting at all.
2. modifying svn transactions is a *crime*
(the same effect as making a whole [every field, every function] c++ program
const-qualified, and using const_cast everywhere to live with it)
3. pre-commit hook rejecting not properly formatted commits *is* a good thing.

We use it at work and it saves tens or even (few) hundreds manhours per
month when merging commits between different releases while spending
less than 1 minute per commit (formatter run per project takes about 1 min).

At llvm, code style policy probably will not save that much, because you don't
have to maintain 3-5 branches (trunk, testing, production + approx 2 large
branches for integration with other projects or major features not fitting in
release cycle).

And I strongly suggest you to use very strict policy - this helps merging a lot.

Hope that helps (our [depersonalized] pre-commit hook included) (3.24 KB)