[svn] unexpected user/password request on commit

Hi all,
I have one question related to the log below. My SVN username is `fpetrogalli`, why did the system asked for a password of my local LDAP name `frapet01`? I gave the same password I used for `fpetrogalli`, but the system didn’t complain.

Anyone knows what’s going on here? Is this expected behavior?

Kind regards,


frapet01@hw-a21-8:~/projects/upstream-llvm/llvm-project/llvm (test-commit)$ git llvm push
Pushing 1 monorepo commit:
366000a [docs] Break long (>80) line. NFC
Authentication realm: <https://llvm.org:443> LLVM Subversion repository
Password for 'frapet01': ********

Authentication realm: <https://llvm.org:443> LLVM Subversion repository
Username: fpetrogalli
Password for 'fpetrogalli': ********

Because this is the default username when no username is specified.
You need to provide SVN your username, otherwise it has no idea which
one to use. Obviously, the username is incorrect and this is why it
was asking second try for both username and password.