Swift Test Suite


I'm glad we're getting all the Swift support upstream, but I worry how
can we make sure it works for real applications after the initial
support is in. I'm sure you guys have your own internal builders, but
I think it would be interesting in having some more substantial tests
in the test-suite.

Are there plans to do that at all? Or are we just going to rely on
Clang tests for now? Are there any pitfalls we'll encounter by using a
GNU toolchain on a Linux target?

I'm actually interested in getting Swift to work on Linux, so that
would be a good path forward, no?

I'd be glad also to have some pointers on how to build & test Swift
programs on Linux (or even write up if there isn't anything yet).


https://github.com/apple/swift shows the README with instructions on how to build and run swift on linux. The unit and validation tests are part of this repository as well as a benchmark suite.


Right. Swift on linux has been supported for some time now, and is even supported in the Swift 2.2 release (https://swift.org/download/). Swift support for Android was recently merged into master.