Switching to git (Windows experience) (was, re:[cfe-dev] GitHub anyone?)

I noticed there are some concerns about switching to GIT.

Let me speak about my experience.

I worked with a various range of archiving solutions : CVS, VSS, ClearCase, SVN and GIT.

For my own projects, I used to use TortoiseSVN. I already heard about GIT but I was kind of afraid by "its" complexity.

One day, a company where I worked asked for me to evaluate news tools to replace VSS: SVN or GIT - knowing SVN was already used by other services of this company. It was a good opportunity for me to try GIT. Conclusion: I chose GIT.

I'm very glad to migrate my own projects under GIT. Now that I'm confident with GIT and my initial fears about it are totally discarded and unjustified, I cannot find any advantage to use SVN instead of GIT. For me, GIT is superior to the others as there is always a way to solve any issues that I met.

As for the others like VSS and ClearCase (because some "retarded" companies still used them), they piss me off now whenever I'm forced to use them. Whether it be because of "retarded" restrictions due to their designs or not, I have always issues with them which cannot be solved as it could be easily with GIT. Obviously, that's only my opinion.

There are now a lot of cool GUI applications for GIT for those who doesn't want to deal with the command-line version.

Best regards.