Switching to Zoom for MLIR Open Meetings?

I think we should switch to Zoom for MLIR Open Meetings. On the meeting host side of the current setup (at Google), we have to admit everyone with modal dialog boxes popping up every 10s. This is incredibly distracting for both (Google-side) presenters/listeners, and I imagine is equally annoying for the community outside Google to need to wait in an admit queue.

Working at Google, we are just reaching for the tools we have that are free for us. If someone who is more Zoom-aligned would be open to hosting, I would be supportive of switching platforms to something more egalitarian and accessible to everyone. Feel free to reach out to Mehdi or me privately if you would like to volunteer to help on this.

We’ll likely need a paying Zoom account for this (we may be over limit often), maybe @clattner can help with this?

Isn’t this a configurable or fixable host side matter in Meets - maybe put everyone who’s at least subscribed to the calendar notification in an allowlist ? I do like Meets personally - particularly the live cc and its quality. I use both extensively and find that Meets is a little better. Usually the meeting takes a few mins to start and the wait time to get is in a few seconds, and therefore not a consideration.

I’d be ok with either as long as the same broad feature set (chat, captioning, raise hands etc) is available and there’s no regression in that regard.

You would think so. We’ve been complaining about this for ages and it’s one of those things where security considerations get involved and therefore everything takes forever (not saying that it should be that way). I believe that everyone explicitly invited to the meeting should be able to join without waiting if they are logged in to the same gmail account as they were invited on. That’s still several dozen binging noises per meeting, which as someone with low tolerance for binging noises is far too many. I can’t imaging trying to give a presentation while they’re going off. We’ve been brainstorming solutions and Jacques may have come up with one that allows the use of meet and limits the binging noises to one person, which seems acceptable. I’ll let him comment after finishing his investigation though.

It’s hard for me to speak to this as I don’t have to wait to get admitted, but I would guess this is not a big issue for people. Thanks for confirming with your experience

I can. It was incredibly distracting and caused a large regression in my ability to focus on the topic.

Yes, I’ll do a bit more thorough investigation there and report back. First trial worked.

There is an easy workaround for this though: you can join with your personal account (or from an incognito tab), the chimes and pop-ups are only for folks connected with they account @google.com I believe.

I’ve used Meet, Zoom and Teams extensively - on many days all three of them in back to back meetings. I’ve also been part of internal conversations on their usability. They have their own quirks, ranging from the topical matter to high app resource utilization on some platforms.

I’d be partial to trying to fix or at least mitigate the in-house option having seen the effort and coordination needed to fix an external solution, but I also appreciate that in-house doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easily done.

I’m neutral on whether the answer is Zoom or something else, but I think it would be helpful for other virtual LLVM meetings too if there were common infrastructure that allowed handing out moderator privileges across company boundaries etc.


+1 for Zoom: my favorite thing about Zoom vs hangouts is that it handles “crosstalk” better. It seems like hangouts only allows one person to talk at a time, which exacerbates the social dynamic in an open discussion. Zoom has worked well for the weekly CIRCT design meetings.

I’m happy for to help host this. I’ll discuss with with our folks and get back on this, thanks!


If helpful, you can see example zoom recorded videos from the CIRCT subcommunity: example video, CIRCT meeting notes.

The LLVM Foundation has a Zoom account and can also help. Please let me know if you are interested in this.


Fantastic! Let’s try to set this up, I’m travelling overseas tomorrow but I’ll get in touch with you next week @tonic and we can try to set this all up?

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