SYCL code owner: nominating Alexey Bader


SYCL is a programming standard from Khronos targeting various
accelerators from any vendors (GPU, CPU, DSP,

This is a single-source programming environment based on modern C++ with
many implementations and at least 3 strong implementations now.

More interestingly for our community, one of the implementation has been
in the process of up-streaming in Clang/LLVM for a few years now, based
on oneAPI DPC++, the open-source SYCL implementation mainly backed by

Unfortunately, there is no official code owner for SYCL in Clang/LLVM yet!

As Alexey Bader has been playing the acting role of the SYCL code owner
since the beginning in Clang/LLVM, is also the SYCL code owner en chef
in the staging repository
(, and is
involved actively in Khronos standard committees for many years already,
I would like to enthusiastically nominate Alexey as the official code
owner for the Clang/LLVM community.

Thank you all for the amazing Clang/LLVM project!

+1, I think Alexey is a great choice for the SYCL code owner. Thanks!


Having a dedicated SYCL code owner would be welcome, and Alexey
seems like a good choice.


+1, sounds good to me.

Sounds like there is a lot of support. This also makes perfect sense to me.

Congratulations and thank you for your ongoing work in this area Alexey! Please update the CODE_OWNER files to capture this, thanks,


I’ve updated CODE_OWNERS.txt file -

Thanks everyone for your trust and support.