Symbol visibility, typedefs and templates


I'm running into symbol visibility issues with clang trunk (213949).

I have a template class that gets specialized for symbol export (visibility attribute = default), but it is type-dependent on another template class, which is fully inlined and so doesn't have the visibility attribute. If I compile to a DSO with -fvisibility=hidden, the specialized member functions do not get exported, unless I mark the dependent class as exported as well.

Is this a bug or the expected behaviour? This seems to work fine in gcc 4.8, without specifically exporting the first template. If it's a bug, I'll open one up.

So far, I've been unable to find online any document on the composability rules of symbol export with regards to nested templates. Does such a document exist?

Sample code:

/// ---------------- test.C ------------
#define EXPORT __attribute__((visibility("default")))

// Remove the comment around EXPORT to make this behave
template <typename T> class /* EXPORT */ val_array { };

typedef val_array<float> val_array_f;

template <typename T>
struct handle

template <typename T>

template EXPORT handle<val_array_f>::handle();
/// --------------------------------

> clang++ -fPIC -shared -fvisibility=hidden -o test.C
> objdump -TC | grep handle || echo NOTFOUND

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