Symbols not found: memrefCopy

I’ve just updated to the latest and when I try to run the JIT I’m getting:

JIT session error: Symbols not found: [ memrefCopy ]

Do I need to somehow register / (dynamically?) link the memRefCopy function or have I missed/misused a pass? The copy itself is originating from BufferResultsToOutParamsPass

It looks like you are missing lib/ in your --shared_libs list.

$ grep memrefCopy -r lib/
lib/Dialect/LLVMIR/IR/FunctionCallUtils.cpp:static constexpr llvm::StringRef kMemRefCopy = "memrefCopy";
lib/ExecutionEngine/CRunnerUtils.cpp:memrefCopy(int64_t elemSize, UnrankedMemRefType<char> *srcArg,

That works, thank you.
Is there any other solutions here? I’ll need to be able to deploy the binary generated from MLIR on multiple platforms - some of which won’t allow dynamic linking. Could that function itself not be expressed directly in MLIR/LLVM IR?