Synopsys Hiring LLVM ARC Code Generation & Optimization Expert for backend compiler


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R&D Engineer (Compiler Developer)

In this position (located in either Mountain View, Oregon or Ottawa) you will have responsibility for the following:

  • Develop ARC-specific code generation and optimizations in the LLVM-based compiler back-end
  • Implement new programming models for new ARC cores and architecture extensions in the compiler toolchain
  • Maintain and optimize the current set of ARC compiler tool chain
  • Interact with Hardware architects and other teams, and provide compiler tools perspective for the processor design as well as application design
  • Perform various benchmarking and testing tasks to improve the quality of the compiler products
  • Assist product marketing and product support teams in pre and post sales situations


  • BSCS/MSCS with 7+ years of related experience
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in compiler development
  • Thorough understanding of compiler technology and other development tool internals
  • LLVM development experience
  • Knowledge of compiler backend technologies such as register allocation, instruction scheduling, loop transformations, peephole optimizations, etc.
  • Expert-level programming skills in C++, C and assembly languages
  • Experience with SW development processes: project planning, version control, bug tracking
  • Excellent teamwork and communication skills

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