Tab completion for variable names, etc.

Does lldb support tab completion of variable or class/method names? If so, how is it enabled? Command completion works just fine with lldb 3.9 on Ubuntu 16.10 and with Apple’s version on MacOS Sierra. But if I define "std::vector<std::string> v;" in a C++ source file, break lldb after this definition, and type “print v.” followed by hitting the tab key, nothing happens. In gdb, this lists member functions such as “front”, “back”, etc.

This is a long-standing missing feature in lldb. We delegate to clang the parsing of expressions, so we're going to have to either create a separate parser for symbol completion or figure out how to get clang to parse up to the cursor and then tell us what it has parsed so far. This would be a great project for somebody to take on, if anybody has some spare time on their hands!