Tablegen strings

I have a tablegen string that I want to add a modifier to the registers
that are being matched.

For example a simple match on fneg:

def FNEG : OneInOneOut<IL_OP_MOV, (outs GPR:$dst), (ins

    "mov $dst, $src0", [(set GPR:$dst, (fneg GPR:$src0))]>;

I want to place a modifier directly after $src0 in the string so that no
space is between the string

and the matched register. I.e. I want to generate "mov $dst, $src0_neg",
however, by putting the

_neg right after $src0 forces it to attempt to match against src0_neg
instead of just src0. Where

can I find the rules for the string pattern matcher so that I can added
arbitrary strings into my



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Try using ${src0}_neg