Talking about OpenMP at Euro-LLVM

clang/LLVM Developers,

In order to push forward with OpenMP support in clang/LLVM, and because
I know that a number of us who are interested in this will be attending
the Euro-LLVM conference, I'd like us to have an OpenMP-in-clang/LLVM
planning meeting at Euro-LLVM.

Specifically, I would like to discuss:
    - How OpenMP pragmas should be parsed and the associated 'metadata'
      represented in the AST
    - What constructs should be lowered in the frontend
    - What kind of API (intrinsics, metadata, etc.) should be used in
      the LLVM (my personal interest here is making sure that things
      like LICM still work on loops to be parallelized)
    - How lowering should be structured and what runtime libraries need
      to be considered for support.
    (have I left anything out?)

I've been told that there is currently an unallocated time slot on
Friday from 11:45-12:30 (so we can meet then without missing anything);
but if there is a preference for an alternative time, that's fine too.
If you'd like to participate, please let me know so that we can choose a
appropriate room, etc.

Thanks again,