Target CUDA RTL --> Error when copying data from device to host.

I'm seeing this although I don't add a single program requiring copying
data back from target. I'm developing my app on AArch64 with V100.
I am happy to provide the log upon request.

The log collected on the ThunderX2 compute node is attached.

log (264 KB)

I'm seeing the same error on an X86 with K20 GPU, for the record.

Without more information this is not too helpful.

The log and the target region in which it happens would be good.

~ Johannes

Because when the kernel is launched, the error doesn’t ocurr immediately. Then a D2H is enqueued and the error happens before it gets revealed.
Target CUDA RTL → Error when copying data from device to host. Pointers: host = 0x0000fffff1f6c460, device = 0x0000ffff84802800, size = 592
Target CUDA RTL → CUDA error is: an illegal memory access was encountered
Your kernel has invaid memory access. (probably a bug)



I asked that question myself. No never done it explicitly from my end. That happens if I try to get

the target address in printf in the target region.
And I’m using trunk Clang.

I map a dynamically allocated user-defined class pointer array, and in the error case I

Try to get the address of the first array element. If I don’t the DtH transfer is not initiated.

I was calling a function that takes some parameter values implicitly
from host in the target region.