Target specific intrinsic documentation

Hi all,

Just looking for any documentation on target specific intrinsics, initially specifically the x86 sse intrinsics. Is there anything outside the source code that provides any documentation of such things -- I couldn't find anything definitive.


This question was asked 12 years ago! Do we have guidelines about it? I think they are completely undocumented. Should we be making this a practice?

I do think we should have some kind of description attached to intrinsics in tablegen which would generate some kind of documentation

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Many of the x86 intrinsics now have descriptions in the header files (clang/lib/Headers), that can be used to generate documentation. Many of the intrinsics also have documentation provided by other vendors (gcc, Intel) that is available on the web just by searching on the intrinsic function name. I know I’ve found things that way.

Yeah it is a painful way though. Most of the times, we don’t have enough comments in the code to comprehend. It shouldn’t be this hard to read about intrinsics.

What it takes is someone willing to devote the time to write the comments. Some years ago somebody did write the chunks of text that are there in the header files, but then nobody kept it up.