Target teams loop reduction combined construct not implicitly mapping

The follow construct should implicitly map(tofrom:sum) according to 5.2 p341, line 10-13, and 5.1 page 254 line 4-7.

#pragma omp target teams loop reduction(+:sum)

Because loop is in a combined construct with teams, and the reduction clause is on a combined target construct, the behaviour should be an implicit to from map. LLVM 14 looks to still use firstprivate behaviour here.

5.2 is not implemented yet.

The behaviour in 5.2 is the same as in 5.1. See 5.1 page 254 line 4-7.

#pragma omp target parallel loop reduction(+:sum) also has the incorrect behaviour.

The support for loop (upstream) is very minimal right now.

It is not supported, just parsed.