Targetting Tricore in LLVM toolchain

Hi Devs,

I am planning to start working on Tricore backend in LLVM Toolchain
with the hope of upstreaming it.
This particular mail is about enquiring whether someone is already
doing this job or not.
If someone already started work, I would also like to contribute/help
to complete it soon.

thank you

Hi! Had been there any updates? I found this project on GitHub but it is quite outdated and abandoned: GitHub - TriDis/llvm-tricore: LLVM Compiler Infrastructure with TriCore backend

Since Rust is built on top of the LLVM, obviously they added Tricore support in the LLVM: Automotive Safety and Cybersecurity: Infineon's AURIX™ TC3xx, TC4x, TRAVEO™ T2G & PSoC families of microcontrollers support Rust - Infineon Technologies

I just hope they will mainline all necessary changes, unlike they did with GCC/binutils.

Just for the record, the Tricore TableGen files were updated (for the purpose of disassembling) and added into the mainline Capstone: