Tensorflow official forum MLIR tags and subcategory

I am sorry for posting here but as we we have a MLIR tag, SIG_MLIR tag and SIG_MLIR subcategory in the TensorFlow discourse instance is there any member subscribed to this tags/categories to reply there?


Thanks for flagging this, not yet really. This was fairly new/we had not yet discussed that forum much and I think outside of me (who may have participated before tags were created) no one else may be. I think it would also probably make sense to change the tags there to be more specific (MLIR is too generic), I’ll follow up on that.

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I wan’t aware either, I subscribed to this category as well now, thanks @bhack!

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@tatianashp I don’t know if you can give us any specific feedback in this thread:

Do you think there is anyone else interested in that specific thread in the TF/MLIR team?