Test Clang (ninja check-clang)

Hello Team,
With a master branch, I executed ninja check-clang, I got the following results, I see that some of the tests are failed. Is this expected result on the latest branch?

Testing Time: 839.19s
Unsupported Tests : 476
Expected Passes : 17298
Expected Failures : 22
Unexpected Failures: 7


All but the unexpected failures look correct. There should be no unexpected failures. You can check the buildbots to see if those tests are failing in the main branch, and if so, they will likely be fixed shortly. Otherwise, I suggest you see if you can figure out how your environment is different, and file a defect if it is a reasonable difference.

In general: No. But given the live development, things do sometimes
break for hopefully short periods of time. You could check if the same
failures are occurring on the llvm buildbots
http://lab.llvm.org:8011/console (& if they are, probably a reasonable
chance some other people know about it/are working on it)