This test is also problematic on Windows, because of running gcc.

What should I do about it? I set up my system to have MinGW’s gcc in the path. Otherwise there is no gcc to find.

Here is the test output:

1>FAIL: Clang::Driver/hello.c (674 of 1717)
1>******************** TEST ‘Clang::Driver/hello.c’ FAILED ********************
1>C:/Tools/llvm/bin/Debug\clang.EXE -ccc-echo -o C:\Tools\llvm\tools\clang\test\Driver\Output\hello.c.tmp C:\Tools\llvm\tools\clang\test\Driver\hello.c 2> C:\Tools\llvm\tools\clang\test\Driver\Output\hello.c.tmp.log
1>grep ‘clang-cc" .*hello.c’ C:\Tools\llvm\tools\clang\test\Driver\Output\hello.c.tmp.log
1>C:\Tools\llvm\tools\clang\test\Driver\Output\hello.c.tmp > C:\Tools\llvm\tools\clang\test\Driver\Output\hello.c.tmp.out
1>grep “I’m a little driver, short and stout.” C:\Tools\llvm\tools\clang\test\Driver\Output\hello.c.tmp.out
1>Exit Code: 1
1>Command Output (stdout):
1>Command 0: “C:/Tools/llvm/bin/Debug\clang.EXE” “-ccc-echo” “-o” “C:\Tools\llvm\tools\clang\test\Driver\Output\hello.c.tmp” “C:\Tools\llvm\tools\clang\test\Driver\hello.c”
1>Command 0 Result: 1
1>Command 0 Output:
1>Command 0 Stderr:
1>Command Output (stderr):

And the hello.c.tmp.log file:

“C:/Tools/llvm/bin/Debug/clang-cc.exe” -triple i686-pc-win32 -S -disable-free -main-file-name hello.c --relocation-model static --disable-fp-elim --unwind-tables=0 --fmath-errno=1 -fexceptions=0 -fdiagnostics-show-option -o C:/DOCUME~1/fcadmin/LOCALS~1/Temp/cc-000000.s -x c C:\Tools\llvm\tools\clang\test\Driver\hello.c
“c:/mingw/bin/gcc.exe” -c -o C:/DOCUME~1/fcadmin/LOCALS~1/Temp/cc-000001.o -x assembler C:/DOCUME~1/fcadmin/LOCALS~1/Temp/cc-000000.s
C:/DOCUME~1/fcadmin/LOCALS~1/Temp/cc-000000.s: Assembler messages:
C:/DOCUME~1/fcadmin/LOCALS~1/Temp/cc-000000.s:4: Error: no such instruction: align 16' C:/DOCUME~1/fcadmin/LOCALS~1/Temp/cc-000000.s:20: Error: no such instruction: align 16’
C:/DOCUME~1/fcadmin/LOCALS~1/Temp/cc-000000.s:22: Error: no such instruction: `db “I’m a little driver, short and stout.\000”’
clang: error: assembler command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)


Hi John,

I propose we xfail it for Windows. Please file a bug for me to
implement XFAIL/XTARGET for clang's tests, then we can do this.

Ultimately, this test is about making sure that clang can produce real
executables, and we ultimately need to get llvm-mc working for that to
happen "for real" on Windows (we shouldn't rely on having a GNU
assembler around, and according to Anton masm isn't really

- Daniel