Test files with no checks

What does it mean when there is a test file with no CHECK lines in it?

An example is llvm/test/TableGen/ListSlices.td

That it will pass if tblgen doesn’t return a non-zero exit status.

Ah, it’s just to make sure nothing fails. Hmm. Okay, thanks!

We sometimes get tests like this to validate that a crash has been
fixed - generally I try to push back on such tests because they seem
underspecified to me: Presumably we want the program to have some
specific behavior, not only "anything other than crashing" & the crash
represents some lack of testing - some behavior behind/after the
crash-point wasn't validated and probably should be validated.

But I like the function justDontCrash().

I’m fixing something about list slices, so I’ll write a more comprehensive test. What’s funny is that ListSlices.td doesn’t detect the problem.