test/LLVMC should be guarded by a check for llvm-gcc/llvm-g++


I'm currenly working with clang, so I don't have any llvm-gcc installed (I
used to have the 4.2 release version, but that broke a lot of tests). A number
of tests (test/CFrontend and test/C++Frontend for example) won't run if you
don't have llvm-gcc installed, which is good.

However, the test/LLVMC tests do run, but fail. These tests test the llvmc2
compiler driver, but they can't work when llvm-gcc is not available. The
attached patch adds guards to test/LLVMC/dg.exp, causing the errors to go away
in my installation. I haven't tested this with llvm-gcc installed, but I
assume that that will also work just fine.

To prevent people from having to compile all of llvm-gcc only for getting the
llvm tests to work, could you apply this patch?



llvmc-guard.diff (500 Bytes)


This will go into the release branch too.