test setup for windows -- makefiles

Hi lldb-dev.

Most of the tests build binaries to test with using Makefiles, and these Makefiles use all sorts of unix commands
like sed and uname. And yet I see the build-bot is running `ninja-check lldb` on windows.

I thought maybe if I installed MinGW that would have enough stuff in it to run the tests, but that doesn’t seem to be

Does anyone have instructions for how to set up a windows test host for LLDB? Or a list of dependencies that
should be installed?


I’m not sure this is entirely up to date, but I’d start here, especially the Software section:


We get most of those unix-y tools on Windows via GnuWin32. For LLDB development, you almost certainly want a Python 3 rather than the recommended 2.7.

There’s also some LLDB-specific advice for setting up on Windows:


Feel free to ask more questions if those links are confusing/wrong/out-of-date/incomplete/etc.