[Test-Suite] EOL characters in input and reference output files

Hello LLVM community,

I am trying to cross-build the test suite on Windows machine and run it on an ARM linux target and facing a problem.

Some input files used by the tests and their reference output files seem to have different EOL settings in SVN.
For example, the test MultiSource\Applications\spiff has 4 input txt files Sample.{1-4}. Their svn:eol-style is "native". So, on Windows I get "\r\n" at the end of each line after checkout. On the other hand, the reference output file spiff.reference_output hasn't svn:eol-style set, so EOL after checkout is '\n'. This makes the test fail as its output and the reference output differ in EOLs.

Shouldn't all those files have the same svn:eol-style?

Thank you.
Kind regards,