test-suite failures

We have a modified version of projects/test-suite that we can run cross using Qemu.

We would like to put that back so that other people can test MIPS before putting back.
Well, this would be easily modifiable for ARM and other targets that are supported by QEMU.

But in this case, we would need to check in a version of QEMU and also the needed pieces of a MIPS tool chain for assembly, linking, etc.

Any thoughts on this?

Over the weekend a change in LLVM by someone other than MIPS seems to have regressed our C++ big time. We are investigating.

But the point is that these execution tests for cross compilers would be every helpful.

We are very close to having MIPS native linux compilers that can function just like clang for x86 linux and others but this cross compiler testing is still very useful.


If you need changes to RunSafely.sh etc. to tell the scripts to use
application-level emulation via qemu, in addition to the existing
options, that seems fine. We aren't going to put QEMU or binutils
into the LLVM repository, though. If you want to make sure people
don't break MIPS, I would suggest setting up a buildbot running the
test-suite continuously.



We also need some MIPS toolchains but we can make a buildslave for this too.

We will look into that.

We have a build bot running nightly against LLVM tip of tree but when they break something, how do they figure out what they did? They need to be able to run what we ran.

It will be up to you to help them via a test case that they can look at and as much assistance as possible. This is what every other platform does.