I have an approved target independent putback and i've run all that we have at Mips as well as on x86 " make TEST=simple"

Is there anything else that is easy to run that I can do before doing the commit?

The patch touches a number of basic classes so I'm just trying to err on the side of caution.

Your caution is appreciated, but I think you've done plenty at that point.
=] I would commit it, and if you're worried, get on IRC to watch the
various build bots in case of some failure.

How do you watch build bots from IRC?

Just join the IRC channel. Bots send results to the channel. And it is not only lab.llvm.org bots, but also, for example, buildbots operated by Nakamura-san.


I’ve checked in the code. Basically I’m just adding a new method called EmitDebugLabel which for all ports except for Mips, should be identical to EmitLabel. Because this is in McElfStreamer, it effects all the classes derived from that. I’ve tried to be careful and the code was reviewed. If for some port I have messed up , it would be better for the person to just fix the class rather than backing out my whole change because I have tested it in as many was as are possible for me. I don’t have any way to test this beyond “make check” and test-suite for x86 and mips and for those I’ve already run all the tests and passed. Thanks. Reed

I meant to say that the initial change is in McStreamer and then propagates to all derived classes of McStreamer.