Hi all,

TestBitfields is failing for some time. It seems to be relying on the value of undefined bits:

self.expect(“frame variable --show-types more_bits”, VARIABLES_DISPLAYED_CORRECTLY,
substrs = [’(uint32_t:3) a = 3’,
‘(int:1) = 0’,
‘(uint8_t:1) b = ‘\0’’,
‘(uint8_t:1) c = ‘\x01’’,
‘(uint8_t:1) d = ‘\0’’])

This always fails for me, at TestBitfields.py line 106.
It seems to be relying on the value (and type) of the padding bit.

I suppose we don’t get the type we expected (for the padding bit) because clang may be throwing it out (we can’t reference it) But our test is relying on both the type AND the value of the padding bit.

Maybe I misunderstood something, but attached is a patch, in case my analysis is correct.



P.S: This happens on i386 only (tested on Mac OS X).

TestBitfields-fix.patch (605 Bytes)

Bump. I just want to be sure I’m not missing something on that test.