Testing C++11 standard features

Hello to all LLVM devs,

I’m interested in knowing if there is a specific part in the LLVM test suite to test new features of the C++11 standard (fragments of code, some applications…). I have just found a test suite for libcxx:


However, it only targets the standard library and I’m interested in the novel features “not included” in the standard library (for instance, auto, final keyword, decltype…)

BTW, does anyone know an open-source application where the C++11 standard is widely used?

Thanks in advance.

You are looking for C++ language tests, which are in clang tests.


Thanks Yaron. However, these tests are really dispersed and not very clear… I wonder if there is something similar to:


but specifically designed using C++11 features; little-sized applications with a purpose like this one simulating an office or something like that.