Testing Multisrc Benchmarks


I want to test some of the benchmarks available in “test-suite/MultiSource/Benchmarks”.
I am reading through http://llvm.org/docs/TestSuiteMakefileGuide.html

I found that we require llvm-gcc (REF: Step 4: http://llvm.org/docs/TestSuiteMakefileGuide.html#running-the-test-suite)

Is there any recommended way to build llvm-gcc. I am following http://llvm.org/releases/2.9/docs/GCCFEBuildInstrs.html.

When I try to build llvm-gcc this way I get an error "undefined reference to ’TheTreeToLLVM. These steps seems to be associated with llvm 2.9.
Is there a recommended way to build llvm-gcc?
Is there any way I get the benchmarks test-suites other than the LNT way (http://llvm.org/docs/lnt/)?


Hi Ganesh,

That document is incredibly out of date. llvm-gcc is not required. Is there a reason you don’t want to use LNT? it’s the preferred way to run the benchmarks (http://llvm.org/docs/lnt/quickstart.html).