Testing Phabricator Patches on buildbots


We have been reviewing a patch ( :gear: D136886 [clang] ASTImporter: Fix importing of va_list types and declarations (llvm.org) ) on Phabricator recently.

One of the buildbots failed, and to continue with the development, it would be great to reproduce the failing aarch64 buildbot run on updated versions of the patch (one particular run of the failing buildbot:

recent rebuild request
Buildbot: builder clang-aarch64-quick build 23143 (llvm.org)).

After logging in on the buildbot web-ui, there is the option of restarting a particular build, but to my best understanding, this only runs the tests with the same old version it was originally triggered with, so this method does not take any later changes to the patch into account. If this is indeed the case, the new version of the patch would first have to be committed in order to trigger a build on the buildbot.

Is there any conventional way to go about this, which would reuse the buildbot infrastructure to test patches without first committing it to the main branch?


At this time, no.

I do want to start working on this sort of thing, and someone else has proposed a system that looks promising - Buildbots roundtable notes US LLVM Dev 2022 - #15 by kwk

Right now, I can help you with the specific failure. I work at Linaro and we run that bot. I will post on the review to get some more detail, to keep this thread on topic.

@DavidSpickett Thank you very much; your reproduction of the issue seems promising.