Tests for __is_standard_layout


From test/SemaCXX/type-traits.cpp:

struct CppStructNonStandardBySameBase : CEmptyStruct {
  CEmptyStruct member;
struct CppStructNonStandardBy2ndVirtBase : CEmptyStruct {
  CEmptyStruct member;


  int t16[F(__is_standard_layout(CppStructNonStandardBySameBase))];
  int t17[F(__is_standard_layout(CppStructNonStandardBy2ndVirtBase))];

Both tests are identical, so either original author wanted to test
something else in the second test or that test can be safely removed.

After looking at the definition of a standard-layout class, I don't
see anything not covered by other tests.


Given the name of the second, it looks to me like it was supposed to have a virtual base class.

– Matthieu

Hi Matthieu,

Virtual base class case is covered by other test in the same file.