TextDiagnosticPrinter small patch


Attached is a patch for TextDiagnosticPrinter that adds an optional
parameter that allows users to omit the printing of the source
location on a diagnostic. So basically it would omit the "abc.c:5:1: "
at the beginning of the line.

If it can be added to the codebase, then it would make things easier
for me as I wouldn't need to make my own fork of that class with that
change. :slight_smile:


TextDiagnosticPrinter.diff (1.46 KB)

Ok, applied here:

Please provide a patch to add a command line option that controls this though, I prefer not to have dead code in the codebase, thanks!


Thanks. Here's a patch that adds -fno-show-source-location.


NoShowLocation.diff (1.17 KB)