Thanks everyone

After my rash of bug reports on the weekend, the number of
errors/warnings generated for the code I was trying to make work has
dropped massively. Thanks to everyone who has worked on the random
things I spotted :slight_smile:

I'm down to three remaining classes of problem:

----- first class (any extern'd array) -----

source/buzzing.c:50:6: error: redefinition of 'buzzing_insects'
Buzz buzzing_insects[BUZZING_INSECT_COUNT];
In file included from source/buzzing.c:1:
source/buzzing.h:22:13: error: previous definition is here
extern Buzz buzzing_insects[BUZZING_INSECT_COUNT];
2 diagnostics generated.

----- second class (extern'd function taking an array, or prototyped as () -----

source/hash_space.c:237:6: error: redefinition of
void insert_triangle_into_hash_space(
In file included from source/hash_space.c:5:
source/hash_space.h:14:13: error: previous definition is here
extern void insert_triangle_into_hash_space(
2 diagnostics generated.

----- third class (passing literal 0 to a function prototyped as
taking void *) -----

source/renderer_common.c:25:5: warning: incompatible types passing
'int' to function expecting 'GLvoid const *'
1 diagnostic generated.


I just checked in a fix for your third class of problem.

The other 2 bugs are known. I'll see if I can get to them by the end of the week.