"The address is already in use by a staged user."

I am trying to add my company mail address as a secondary address, but discord is telling me “The address is already in use by a staged user.”. What can I do?

I am logged in via my github account; my github account also has this particular E-Mail address setup as a secondary address; I would like to get notifications to that address but cannot add it/change to it because of this error.

It seems this explains what I am seeing: Post Discourse Migration Information

If you send me a private message with the email address, I can look up the staged account.

Thanks, I solved it on my own now! As Tanya explained in the other post, you have to register with that E-Mail address which then allowed me to unregister it from that new account (somehow it’s not possible to delete an account, so I set it to some random unused address now), after that I could reassign the Mail address here.

Admins are the only ones that can delete accounts. So just reach out if you need an account deleted and we are happy to help.

Does deleting an account also delete all the posts that account has made? That’s not desirable in this situation, if so.

Yet, I think what MatzeB really needs here is just to merge the two accounts into a single account, which admins can also do, right?

I’m not sure where this was written? I think the best course is to request a merge of account as to not loose past posts to the mailing list. Here is the quote from the topic you linked:

Deleting an account can either delete all posts or anonymize the posts before deleting the account.

If this is what he wants, he just has to let us know which account to merge into the other. I was commenting on his response that seemed to indicate he wanted to delete an account associated with a random email address. Which admins can delete accounts if needed.